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This medicine is known as modafinil. It is available as a prescription only medicine and is used for adhd, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, drowsiness, fatigue, narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea/hypopnea syndrome, shift work sleep disorder. Pill Imprint APO 1000. This white capsule-shape pill with imprint APO 1000 on it has been identified as: Ferriprox 1000 mg.

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Drug: Fluvoxamine Maleate. Strength: 100 mg. Pill Imprint: APO FLU 100.

Apo 1010 pill

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Apo 1010 pill

2/JCI88886 Glucocorticoid functions free article  Jan 31, 2019 Apo-Ambrisentan. 2475375. APX. 106.3288 Apo-Travoprost-Timop. 2415305.

Capsule-shaped, white, flat-faced, bevelled-edged tablets scored and engraved "APO P1" on one side, other side plain. APO-Prazosin 2 mg tablets. Round, white, biconvex tablets, scored and engraved "APO" over "P2" on one side, other side plain. APO-Prazosin 5 mg tablets. Details for pill imprint APO SER 100. This medicine is known as sertraline.
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Citalopram 10mg Tablet Apotex Corp. Pill Pill Identification: APO | CI 40. Citalopram 20mg Tablet Aurolife Pharma SINEMET 10-100, containing 10 mg of carbidopa and 100 mg of levodopa.

It may also be used for the relief of osteoarthritis, as well as for other uses. Its effects can be felt within 1 hour. Instructions APO-Paracetamol/Codeine 500/30 may be habit forming if taken in high doses for extended periods of time. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you are concerned about this.
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